Linguist Selection Criteria

Language Embassy, LLC is actively seeking competent linguists for all our project areas.  The following are the main criteria combinations we apply to our linguist screening process:

            Education and Experience

  Preferred: graduate degree + at least one higher education degree in a language-related field + native proficiency + at least 1 year of linguistic experience

  At least a bachelor's or equivalent 4-year higher education degree + native proficiency + at least 2 years of experience in linguistic services

  Written and/or verbal native proficiency in one or more languages + high school diploma + at least 3 years of experience in linguistic services


  Attention to detail

  Passion for accuracy

  Computer literacy

  Prompt and transparent communication



If you are a linguist and wish to collaborate with Language Embassy, LLC as an independent contractor, please download this Linguist Application Form, fill it out, and email it back to Language Embassy as an attachment to