Do you have a knack for languages? Are you attracted to different cultures? Are you planning to move or to travel overseas for a job, on a mission, or for a vacation?  If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, Language Embassy, LLC will hand to you a passport to the world!  Our customized foreign language lessons offer you the adequate tools to explore a new language and make it your own.  Many times, learners also discover that they also get a better understanding of their own native language in the process of learning a foreign language.  Moreover, with the knowledge of another language comes access to a whole new world of music, movies, books, new friends and exciting projects!  In time, a speaker of a language grows to feel, dream, think, love, and worship in that language, which enriches his/her emotions, thinking, and understanding of the world.

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In-Person Lessons

Online Lessons

These are on-demand, one-on-one lessons that are being offered via a combination of phone conversations and email exchanges.  A written lesson will be emailed to the client and then a phone appointment will be made to practice pronunciation and to answer the student's questions.  Language Embassy, LLC will call the client at the appointment time and using the number provided by the client.  (If the client is located outside the U.S., some low international calling fees may apply.)  A quiet environment is required on both ends for this phone component of the lesson.  Next, the client will submit his/her homework via email to the teacher, and the teacher will provide feedback to the student's homework via email within 48 hours.  Questions about the homework may be asked during the next phone conversation once the next lesson has been scheduled.  For clients who are not comfortable with a computer, the email communication component may be replaced by snail/traditional mail; postage fees apply in this case, and the duration of completing a course may be longer due to post office delivery times.         

Language Embassy, LLC offers in-person foreign language instruction based on market demand at certain times of the year.  One-to-one lessons in this category may be arranged, but such personalized attention tends to come with a higher price tag.  To start a class, a minimum of two students who can be present at the same time in a classroom is required.  Our classes do not exceed 12 students.  The more students we get in a class, the lower the cost of instruction becomes for each of the students.   

Online one-on-one foreign language instruction is provided by Language Embassy, LLC , on a flexible schedule and at a pace chosen in close collaboration with the client.  During such classes, both the teacher and the student will be online at the same time, communicating via a computer on each end, with the aid of a microphone, headphones/speakers.  A quiet environment and a reliable Internet connection are required on both ends.  The duration of each session is established by mutual agreement between our company and the client.  The cost of each session includes the live time of the lesson, the time the teacher spends reviewing the student's homework, and the written training materials that accompany the lesson.      

Correspondence Lessons