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Whether you are writing a business presentation, a graduate thesis or dissertation, or simply a love letter, it is important that you impress your readers with a concise, clear, visually attractive, and grammatically correct text.  Sometimes, you also need to use complex format styles such as MLA or APA, or challenging software such as PowerPoint and Excel. 

Language Embassy, LLC will edit your text to make sure the final product is perfect.

Types of editing


This type of editing applies to texts written in a language and intended for an audience who will read it in the same language.  The levels of editing offered by Language Embassy in this category are:

      ◊ Grammatical proofreading (punctuation, sentence structure, agreement, tense usage, etc.)

      ◊ Format editing - Level 1 (font, spacing, margins, numbering, etc.)

       ◊ Format editing - Level 2 (reviewing format style such as MLA, APA, Chicago Style, etc.)

        ◊ Content: Suggestions will be offered regarding coherence, details usage, symmetry, clarity, etc. 

Language Embassy does not provide any field-specific suggestions and does not engage in verifying or assessing the accuracy of your data. 


Language Embassy offers translation editing by comparing the original text to its translation.  This applies to translations done outside of our company and submitted by our clients for a second opinion.  The following types of editing are available in this category:

      ◊ Grammatical proofreading (grammatical correctness in the target language)

       ◊ Terminology consistency and accuracy (correct and consistent usage of specialized terms)

        ◊ Format editing - Level 1 (fonts, spacing, page layout, numbering, etc.)

        ◊ Content check (fixing omissions, additions, or changes to content or meaning)


Language Embassy provides monolingual and bilingual editing in all our supported languages.  Our monolingual editors are either native speakers of the language in which the document is written, or they have a degree in this language or in the specific field for which the text is written (i.e. engineering, law, etc.)  Our bilingual editors are experienced translators who have passed our screening process and who abide by our translation quality standards.