"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes into his head.

      If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart."

                                                                                                           (Nelson Mandela)


Language Embassy, LLC is a corporate member of Proz.com, the most prestigious international network of professional translation providers.


Accredited by the Better Business Bureau of Northeast Florida and the Southeast Atlantic, Language Embassy, LLC adheres to all the BBB standards of business ethics and is committed to abide by all legal U.S. business regulations.  

Never since the Babel Tower event have languages played such a vital role as they do today in the healthy development of national and international politics, economic and scientific development, and cultural values.  The twenty-first century has enacted an enhanced emphasis on globalization.  As a consequence, every individual and business can fully thrive only if closely connected with the rest of the world.  Operating with and within one or more foreign languages has become an indispensable tool for conducting business, enjoying travel time, exploring diverse cultures, and for relishing the spiritual wealth that flourished around the globe in all times.


Are you considering expanding your business overseas?  Is your neighbor or co-worker a new immigrant?  Has someone in your family just married a person from another country?  Language Embassy, LLC facilitates your business and personal communication with people from around the world and would like to bring to you the security of a prosperous business, the delight of feeling at home in an exotic vacation place, and the joy of sharing life with friends and family from another country. 


We offer English and foreign language classes, editing of academic research papers and books, and certified translations and interpretation in the following areas: any legal, business, or medical documents (school transcripts, certificates, contracts, etc.), scientific works and patents, computer-related materials, religious writings, fashion and cosmetics, entertainment, personal correspondence, and others upon request.